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Rebirth of Reason

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Just curious. Did the people who are so upset over the Zimmerman acquittal show as much outrage over the OJ verdict? Were there violent demonstrations in the streets calling for justice over that acquittal?

As for the shooting death of a young black by a white (or Hispanic), how many people, white or black, are protesting the epidemic of murders against young blacks by other blacks every day in our major cities? How many demonstrations have we seen against that assault on the rights of blacks? But as soon as the race of the killer changes from black to white (even if the killing was evidently done in self-defense), all hell breaks loose!

And how does the number of whites who kill blacks compare with the number of blacks who kill blacks? Even though blacks represent only 13 percent of the population, 50 percent of the murder victims in the country are black, 93 percent of whom are killed by other blacks. Do the people who are wringing their hands in righteous indignation over the Zimmerman verdict ever bother to consider that elephant in the room!?

And now liberals like Michael Moore are asking us to consider how the verdict would have gone if the victim were white and the accused black, suggesting that it would have been a conviction. Oh really? You mean like the O.J. verdict in which a black was on trial for killing two whites? If you're looking for a miscarriage of justice, you've got one there in spades.

And then there are the hooligans in Oakland who protest the Zimmerman acquittal by trashing the stores of innocent shop keepers, attacking police cars and starting fires. As if matters couldn't get any worse, we now have the new Black Panthers offering $10,000 for "the capture of George Zimmerman dead or alive."

And just today President Obama weighed in with a speech in which he now says not only that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon Martin, but that he himself could have been Trayvon Martin! Seriously?

I'm 73 and have only another quarter of a century to live, so however bad this country gets, hopefully it will still be livable by the time I'm gone.

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