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Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 7:30amSanction this postReply

Has anyone else here perused the new Liberty.me site?


I received this solicitation on January 18, 2014:



Thank you for participating in ObjectivismOnline. Together we’ve built a wonderful, vibrant community (9,100 members, 280,000 posts) with great participation and minimal funding. I’m incredibly proud of the learning, activism, and friendships that we’ve facilitated.

For the last several years, I've taken a background role in running the site, and the admins and moderators have done a great job in my place. Now I would like to share a personal development that I think may interest many of you.

I am working full time on a major new initiative. It’s called Liberty.me and I’m personally managing every aspect of development. Whereas ObjectivismOnline is an adventure in philosophical discussion and intelectual activity, Liberty.me is a hands-on tool for living a free, rational life. We have assembled over 50 authors to create guides to help you minimize the impact and interference of government controls. Liberty.me also provides you with your own WordPress publishing platform that allows easy posting and management of your personal webpage. The URLs are claimed by members on a first-come, first-served basis (I’ve claimed rationalmind.liberty.me).

You have been an important part of my life since I founded this site in February 2003 and I’ve learned a great deal from our discussions. One of the benefits of being involved in this project is that I can ensure that Objectivists have a great home at Liberty.me. I created a special deal for you to become a member and join me.

Liberty.me is currently running a crowd-funding campaign and if you sign up, we will extend to you twice the amount of membership time as is normally included for the same price. There are only a few days left in the crowdfunding campaign so check out how our fundraising effort is going, become a member, and get your personal publishing page.

Also, in support of what we have created together, if you join, Liberty.me will make a $10 donation to ObjectivismOnline on your behalf. Your participation will help fund several new projects, including the Google Adwords campaign, an upcoming site redesign and new features such as integrated live chat.

Thank you for participating in ObjectivismOnline. I hope you’ll become a member of Liberty.me because I believe in our product and believe it will add value to your life.


David Veksler


The site recently went live and it looks like an anarchist site. This surprised me given the founder's former involvement with Objectivism, a minarchist philosophy. I was just curious about the reactions of others here.


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