Rebirth of Reason

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Every time there's a mass shooting in Western Civilization -- such as last night's horrific Las Vegas Massacre -- the almost instant and overwhelming reaction by the intelligentsia and masses is: We need more "gun control"! We need more gun slavery! Our one alternative and best answer, to the current seemingly-bad situation, is: We need more tyranny in our country and world!

But in fact we need more individual rights. We need more respect for people and property. The reality is: Peoples' lives and possessions are sacred. The are untouchable by society and government.

The truth is: No-one should dare to attack someone else. No one should dare to threaten or assault the person or property of another. People and property are sacrosanct and holy.

This also means that the "helpful", "beneficial", "caring", "loving" Welfare State, Nanny State, and Mommy State -- with all its unending assaults and enslavement -- is raw evil. It needs to be terminated. All this Welfare State-justified coercion must stop. We need political freedom, social libertarianism, and economic capitalism. We need laissez-faire and full individual liberty in society and politics. And we need them now.

But maybe we do also need more "gun control" on private property by private owners too. After all, they are sovereign on their own land, and they have that right. They also tend to know best. And so does the paying public, which always prefers to patronize safe and secure establishments. The general public expresses this desire and preference via capitalistic freedom of choice. It's an extremely powerful and persuasive freedom to have.

So perhaps truly civilized venues should not allow guns -- or even big knives and heavy clubs -- inside their hotels, restaurants, bars, dance halls, night clubs, country clubs, vacation resorts, cruise ships, etc. A more careful scrutiny of customers, and the use of metal detectors, may be extremely helpful here. Very possibly this is the better and safer way.

Thus enhanced private gun control might be the answer we're all looking for. But government gun control certainly is not. Government gun control is an attack upon people and their property. It's an assault upon society and the Holy Individual. It's an act of moral depravity.

Government gun control is ineluctably criminal and tyrannical. It's a violation of individual rights, liberty, and justice. Having society and government push around the individual, step on him, brutalize and coerce him, and take away his guns, property, and individual rights is exactly what causes all the rancor, disharmony, and social problems in the first place.

One of the biggest issues which exists in society today, and the biggest by far which exists in politics, is: Freedom vs. Slavery. How sad, horrific, ominous, and depraved that today in our ever-so irrational, illiberal Dark Age, virtually everyone's natural powerful instincts, and heartfelt passionate tendencies, take them away from liberty and toward tyranny. Enhanced government control and enslavement is the answer nowadays for pretty much every political, social, and economic problem. And always this tyrannical "solution" makes the problems worse.

We must "sacrifice" freedom to obtain public safety, virtually everyone thinks! There is a "trade-off" between liberty and security, virtually everyone says. We must find the correct "balance" between these two social ideals, emphatically shouts the intelligentsia and masses!

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Liberty and security go together. They fit together like hand and glove. There's never the tiniest contradiction between them. The more liberty we have, the more security we have. Protecting individual rights means protecting societal safety and security. These concepts and ideals are one.

The ultimate answer to defeating mass shootings is the ultimate answer to every political problem in human existence: more freedom. People need to seriously and systematically study, understand, and master the politics of liberty, the economics of capitalism, and the sociology of libertarianism. No more people expressing "opinions" on these subjects, where truth is as objective and absolute as chemistry and physics. Both potential mass-shooters and our caring, loving, government protectors need to learn the true nature and supreme value of the noble concept and ideal of individual rights.

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