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Rebirth of Reason

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Sunday, April 29 - 10:44amSanction this postReply

Dan Greenfield is one of the few political commentators with a truly sharp and penetrating understanding of progressivism. In this column, he points to the way the left has co-opted a portion of the banking system as a way to get around losing the use of the DOJ to thwart 2nd amendment rights.  (I'd also recommend reading the comments that follow his post.)



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Sunday, April 29 - 10:58amSanction this postReply

Here is how Greenfield ends his article:


The left is not against big banks. It is against freedom.

Every institution exists only as a means for the left to exercise its power, to impose collective systems and tear down individual rights. It is only opposes businesses to the extent that they represent individual initiative and personal freedom. But it will rule the country and enforce its will on us by any means.


The article is a description of a specific technique, but Greenfield never loses sight of the main point AND THAT is what his summary does.



We know that the left tries to use legislation to achieve their ends, and if that doesn't work they'll try to judge-shop and get activist judicial rulings, and if they hold the White House they'll use executive orders, and they constantly grow the regulatory state into a tyrannical government of its own.  They use the media and they use the educational system.  They are unrelenting.  The use of the financial system is just another means to the same end. 


And, it is an example of a wider mechanism: the use of private corporations as tools to bypass representative government and constitutional restrictions.  This new mechanism is coming to fruition as a generational product.  A generation who were subjected to a level of political correctness 100 times what my generation experienced have aged to the point that some of their members are now corporate leaders.

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