Rebirth of Reason

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Sunday, October 31, 2004 - 11:13amSanction this postReply
Daniel Pipes is truly great -- for a conservo-progressive. But I think he gives way too much credit to Bush and way too little to Kerry.
Osama changed the world with 9/11. He's the radical -- not Bush. Bush's reaction to this horror was very normal, predictable, and mindless -- and virtually ineluctable. Bill Clinton, Al Gore or John Kerry would have done pretty much the same.
In many ways we should thank our fine feathered friend Osama: he pointed out the evil to us of islam. Still, we Westerners have a long way to go here. Even if the jews or christians nuke New York or Los Angeles -- which eventually they will, in my opinion -- I still doubt if we'll "get it." God is the great devil of our time, and no-one has a clue. (Well, maybe current author Sam Harris of 'The End of Faith.')
The only answer here is straight-up philosophy with regard to the natural-but-annihilating, historical phenomenon of religion. And this new and better philosophy has to be sound, insightful, wise, ingenious, etc. with no excuses.
Bush only seems radical with his mostly-bluffing rhetoric about "pre-emption" and "no harboring of terrorists" stuff. But he hasn't broken relations with Mid-East despots, nor apologized for vast US evil in the past on this, nor made more than a microscopic movement in these two badly needed directions. Still less has Bush threatened to nuke Saudi Arabia or Iran, or made even the slightest move to reclaim our oil from these historical and metaphysical losers.
So we have a long way to go here.

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Monday, November 1, 2004 - 5:14pmSanction this postReply
Andre- I just don't have the time tonight to point out all the problems in your comments. Someone out there! Help!

This article gives a good view of one of Bush's most courageous and dynamic moves in what I hope will be his first term. What has me sitting here in disbelief on this election eve is that this election is so close. Beyond the vision shown here on this subject, he has understood what is going on in the world and fought two resultant wars that will be studied for their brilliance for a very long time. And that is only the beginning of the accomplishments of this very great President.
Oh, well. They threw Churchill out after WWII.

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Monday, November 1, 2004 - 5:47pmSanction this postReply
James wrote:

I just don't have the time tonight to point out all the problems in your comments.
Well, just point out one -- the biggest or easiest. ;-)

James also wrote:
...Bush's most courageous and dynamic moves...the vision shown here...brilliance...this very great President. 

Hey, I enjoy great satire as much as the next guy. ;-) Bravo!

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Monday, November 1, 2004 - 7:46pmSanction this postReply
This really is a fantastic article.    He is a radical in many ways, even if you think his radical approaches are wrong.  If anyone hasn't read this, they should!

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Monday, November 1, 2004 - 9:46pmSanction this postReply
How do Objectivists become such state worshipers?

Yes, the George Bush-Dick Cheney partnership has been the most radical presidency in memory. Their re-election will likely produce an even more aggressive U.S. foreign policy driven by religious fundamentalists and the military-petroleum interests.

A second Bush term could bring U.S. attacks on Iran and Syria, as Israel's PM Sharon has urged, and widening Mideast conflict. More troops and money will be poured into the Iraq quagmire. A military draft will almost certainly become necessary.

Both Bush and Kerry perpetuate the lie that the Terrorists hate American freedoms when the principal cause of anti-American terrorism is the oppression of Palestinians, and U.S. support for dictatorial regimes across the Muslim World.

Unless the next U.S. administration appears even handed on Israelis and Palestinians and ends the occupation of Iraq, anti-U.S. terrorism will intensify.

And the comment that Bush is a conservative is belied by the fact that Bush has debauched America's finances by his $290-billion US wars and $521-billion deficit. Whoever wins, the global economy will be hit by waves of inflation caused by Bush's ruinous spending.

The U.S. under Bush has become a dangerous rogue state that threatens world stability and peace.

Great president my Arse!

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