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Rebirth of Reason

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Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 12:59amSanction this postReply
Her Royal Whoreness wrote:

So, the moment I became aware of the possibilities of hyperlinks as cyber-"footnotes," it opened up a whole new electronic world.


And here are the rest of you, encouraging him!!

See, I've got this footnote/hyperlink pathology/egregious philosophical error sussed. It's called empiricism. It's the notion that wisdom lies in endless detail, that all details are equal & all of them must be presented all at once. If the sufferer from this morbidity *fails* to present all details in one go, he becomes demented & has to be carried away by men in white coats.

If you think I'm making this up, ask Diabolical to tell you the story of a certain radio interview. Hahaha!

Observe, by contrast to compulsive foot-noting/hyperlinking, the esthetic beauty of Diabolical's post above. Elegant, economical, clean & uncluttered - in the naked sparkle of its presentation it debunks its own content.

See, a good piece of writing is like a good meal: it should not only betasty, it should looktasty. It shouldn't tax the crow.

There's a great deal to be said for "references/links available on request."

Ah. The cross an editor has to carry. Especially a perfect one. :-)

On the other hand, empiricism is a might handy quality in an assistant editor.

Whoreness is actually a Lanza among writers—so don't you lot encourage him to clutter the score with grace-notes!! He's very impressionable, you know!! :-)

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Thursday, March 10, 2005 - 5:40amSanction this postReply
LOL ... thank you for your kind words, Master Editor.
Michael asks about EFT again.  Linz has taken to calling me SEFT of late.  And OF COURSE I know what it means.  But I still must defer to Linz on this.  It is, after all, his phrase of endearment.  :)
Since Linz brings it up, I'll just mention the one interview he's talking about.  Back in November of 1997, I was interviewed for Finnish-Swedish TV for a six-part series called "In the Absence of God." The panel discussion included quite a few leftists, and when they got me to talking about free markets and state interventionism, I was unstoppable.  I'm sure I went off on a few tangents (let's call them "verbal footnotes") to counter their arguments in favor of economic regulation.  I know I was effective... but they just couldn't shut me up.  It's very hard to bind and gag somebody when they're on the phone, after all. 

When we finally said "goodbye" at the end of the conversation, I think they were all reeling from the sheer empiricism of it all.  :)


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Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - 2:45pmSanction this postReply
In relation to Dapfner's article, all I can say is there are a lot of desperate people out there looking for solace of their  cause.  Let's see if we have changed the world for the better with this war.  A recent article by Lt. Gen. Odom, Reagan's Director of National Security states "the invasion of Iraq was the worst strategic mistake in the history of the US."  There are numerous other former Bush aides that express the same opinion.  It's nice to see a foreigner align with us but in this situation it is the wrong cause.  We are fighting a war that started out to get Bin-Laden, then for WMD, then for Iraqi freedom.  It is clear that we had no concrete plan or objective, the same for withdrawal.  In Afghanistan we have ousted the despicable Taliban but replaced them with war lords that are growing tons of opium (the country exports 80% of the world's heroin), the same as we did in Viet Nam.  The war is financed by foreign countries that will certainly exert influence do this debt.  Social programs are going down the tubes from lack of funding.  Over 2000 soldier have died with no end in sight.  When we leave a civil war will probably erupt similar to Bierut.  We are told that terrible things will happen if we abruptly pull out.  Aren't they happening now?  Can they get any worse?  Maybe they can get better if we leave.  We got rid of Saddam,  now we are an army of occupation and have become the enemy. 

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