Rebirth of Reason

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Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 8:49amSanction this postReply
I think I'll file this one under "Bullshit, but thanks anyway."

In addition to blowing up British soldiers, little kids and anyone wearing orange the IRA has been quite happy to conduct bank raids, extortion, and just-for-jollies torture and murder

After a life-time of doing what they please because everybody is shit-scared of them, I very much doubt that the typical IRA (or Prodestant equivalent) thug is going to lay down his gun and pick up the plough.

Therefore the question is this: If one of some of their thugs disobey their edict and continues to rob, steal, murder and torture; will the IRA hand them over to the police? I mean, have they handed over the scum who knifed Robert McCartney to death yet?

No and no.

IMHO the IRA's guarantees, guarantee nothing.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 9:39amSanction this postReply
"While certain elements of the peace process (such as the early release of terrorist convicts) seem dubious, I think today's developments should be cautiously welcomed."

You know, when I read that public statement by the IRA I am reminded of North Korea's "concessions" to the United States. So the IRA, a criminal terrorist organization, promises not to commit its most heinous of crimes - for now, but a return to murder as a means to an end is dependent on the "ifs" of whether x, y and z are achieved in the near future. The most telling statement by the IRA in that public annoucment was, "We reiterate our view that the armed struggle was entirely legitimate." Caution, in regards to their promises, is well placed; but I am not so sure whether welcoming these developments, however cautious, is prudent.


At this point however, the IRA may be telling the truth. The unending series of concessions by the British government over the last decade or so, in respect to the IRA, should give the IRA reason to hope to succeed without terrorist acts. In my opinion, there are many parallels to the IRA's tactics, to that often employed by Hamas and the new PLO factions. The socialist/liberal success in blurring what defines a 'terrorist' organization, along with their success of reshaping the world’s public opinion along lines that legitimizes many of the IRA’s goals and tactics, may have made their victory inevitable. Acts of overt terrorism, could interfere with the continuing process of undermining British resolve from within.


Of course an alternative explanation is that the IRA itself has evolved into something that is less than a terrorist organization; however, I am highly skeptical of the concept of 'reformed' terrorist organization. I have heard people argue that a return to their tactics of the 70s is no longer possible, and that the Irish Catholics would not tolerate or support such a thing. In my opinion, I believe that the Northern Ireland issue has evolved into another version of the so-called Palestinian "resistance" to "occupation" - world sympathy strategy, with a dash of historical revisionism, and a hefty amount of moral equivalence whenever comparisons are drawn between their actions and the British governments.



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Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 10:38amSanction this postReply
Robert, George:

I'm inclined to share your sentiments. That there has been no movement over the McCartney killing is particularly infuriating. I read somewhere that his relatives are having to move house due to the hostility they've encountered. In addition to which, the IRA is apparently going to continue to insist that their terrorist campaign ("armed struggle") was justified. Assuming they're serious though, today's announcement seems like a step in the right direction.


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Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 12:50pmSanction this postReply
You cross your fingers and see what happens this time. Hopefully, not involving something or someone being immediately blown up.  

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Thursday, July 28, 2005 - 5:25pmSanction this postReply
It is strange to me that the statement does not seem to contain the word 'permanent' anywhere.  Why would the IRA choose not to use that one simple word which would clarify beyond all doubt that this is a permanent cessation of terrorist activity?

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Friday, July 29, 2005 - 10:30amSanction this postReply
I lived in London and Brighton throughout the 1980-90s and witnessed several IRA bombings. Adams and McGuiness were directly involved in planning the strategy but now sit in government. Ken Livingstone(Mayor of London) shook hands with these and many other IRA members and welcomed them to London.

I'll believe it when they pay compensation to the families of those they murdered out of their plundered and extorted pockets.  And those so-called Irish in Boston who support the IRA can chip in as well. Contributors to Noraid are every bit as culpable as Al Queda supporters. They have killed  lot more people in this country.

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