Rebirth of Reason

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They regulate, borrow and tax, and then - surprise! - the economies grow unhappy and the symptoms of that unhappiness become visible.  So, the people who want to have your cake, eat it, and make you think that you still have your cake, take action and pump some fiat money into the system somewhere.  


Well, just like Whack-a-Mole, another furry little head pops us showing the results of the Quantitative Easing (or whatever they choose to call the last economic malformation they created to hide the symptoms of the malformations that came before that).  How could anyone be surprised that they now have to hide the symptoms of the QE mole.  


It also isn't surprising that this will take place as administrative adjustments or regulatory adjustments (no need to bother congress with details of the money supply and fiscal policy changes.  Let the changes get made by those most involved - those who are feeding at the money trough - and congress really doesn't want to hear about anything scary anyway - not if it is an election year, actually that is  if it is a campaign year and every year is a campaign year (got to keep milking those lobbyists).  


The 'adjustments' will always be given some name (like "revenue enhancements", or "quantatative easing"), and this one is evidently going to be called MacroPru which means let the business partners (i.e., cronies) adjust the amount of regulation as needed to hide the latest symptoms of the increasingly sick economies while still being able to loot as usual.  Notice how we are going from a nation of laws, to a nation of regulations, to a nation of make-your-own-rules-if-you-are-the-administration?  Isn't that called "totalitarianism"?


The one single common denominator of Progressivism in political tactics is the move to eliminate competition in the political realm: Move towards what is effectively a one-party system, while leaving the other party there so that it looks like there are two parties, eliminate or at least intimidate any unfavorable media sources, use the IRS to intimidate anyone that even thinks of putting out effective support for political opposition, demonize the tea-party, the libertarians, and the conservatives, shift the power from the legislative to the executive branch, stack the judicial branch with cronys, embrace voter fraud (call it "fighting the attempts to suppress the minority vote"), redefine and minimze the constitution - Hell, just ignore it, eliminate the electoral college in favor of a national popular vote (shifting the effective vote to urban centers and densely populated states).  All are the moves need to implement totalitarianism as the political media while keeping the external, but ineffective, window dressing of a constitutional republic.  A stealth revolution - the true heart of Progressivism.


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