Rebirth of Reason

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Friday, October 14, 2016 - 10:03amSanction this postReply

Another milestone in the cultural race downhill.... and in the name of "equality"!


There is a kind of ugly justice that plays out over the long run: Those schools who apply this to the greatest degree will end up with a reputation of having the least qualified graduates.  And from among their less qualified graduates, they will cull out their next generation of teachers - the decline will propogate.


Hey, why not help stupid students gain entrance?  Don't they have rights?  Why not help those poor creatures - who through no fault of their own - stuck with an IQ of 90 or less - have equal representation?  It would be easy.  Just calculate how many points need to be added based upon how low the IQ is.  And why should those with very high IQs be given unfair advantage.  Give them a penalty to even things out.  Let there be a fair share of the Ivy league schools for the intellectually disadvantaged.  As a matter of fact why not apply a simple formula to the SAT scores such that the higher you score, the greater the handicap and the lower you score, the higher your bonus?  And they should get rid of honors programs, Dean's list, Phi Beta Kappa, etc.  - Clearly they are forms of intelligence discrimination.


But, back to the issue of racial discrimination as an entrance policy:  To the degree that these schools end up with less qualified students, is the degree that in the spirit of political correctness, they will lower their teaching and testing standards to ensure their unqualified students don't fail (if they are black, hispanic, legacy, or still serving the athletic agenda).  A bad entrance policy will lead to a bad graduation policy.


To the degree that using race-based points for college entrance becomes a common practice, it ensures that each graduate who is black or hispanic will be suspected of being academically inferior and was only able to get into the school in the first place through bonus points.  It moves racial considerations to get into school forward to graduation, and that will move it into the marketplace.


Notice how liberals who think of this as an effort to counter the effects of past racism actually bring racial discrimination to the forefront and guarantee that racism lives in the future.  They don't get it.... if anyone makes descisions on the basis of skin color, that pumps life into racism. 

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Friday, October 14, 2016 - 8:46pmSanction this postReply

I agree 100% with what you said Steve, particularly this:

A bad entrance policy will lead to a bad graduation policy.

Garbage in, garbage out. You can't fake reality, and to the extent Colleges and Universities attempt to do so is the extent to which they destroy their own acedemic value.

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