Rebirth of Reason

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Friday, October 27, 2017 - 6:53amSanction this postReply





No council, no say.

All earth turn, night trail day.

Unceasing sea tease land away

    to watery deep stage lay,

    dark for none.


Bit ties bit, string twists string,

    winding time into spring.

Like by like, life-clock sets,

    tracing past for future nets.


Lights slip, waters slip

   slight chambers live-green

   for green, for green.

Green-thrive, alive,

   earth stake, break, take;

   place in own pace,

   own bound, own round.

Light-full green-sleep,

   keep in watchless waves

   of green live, green gone,

   dreamless.                            (Aug. 2001, 2016)






Would be the rise to wonder,

      this click-shut night.

To those trains’ risen rumbles,

      this silk tie tight.


Would be to traction motor,

      copper, shellac.

To axles’ bright ten-thousandths,

      castings in stack.


Would be for tons two hundred,

      high cranes glide free.

To locomotive thunder,

      we who would be.                    (Jan. 2013)






Each reach, root, clasp, or grasp,

   all flights, all calls, all nests,

   all pulsing blood, all valves,

   all meters and accounts,

   bows of gifts, ties of love,

   treasures of loveliness in being and thinking,

   in rainbows and forest,

   in commerce and the peace—


Each problem and harvest,

   lay and planting for each

   breath and cry and suckle,

   struggle, rest, and struggle

   to grasp and say and make—

   are only of life, life

   gyring round, rambling to

   life wide-waked to wide world

   and to itself with you.                (Mar. 2017)






Clearing to sky,

   breathing to fly,

   slowing to my

   standing still by

   shadow-wing why.

Felling the lie,

   timbers supply,

   framing new try,

   smiling our sky.


Perching so sly,

   cooing soft by,

   listening my

   saying apply.

Setting each tie,

   searching each sigh,

   hushing each cry,

   eaching our why,

   reaching our sky.          (Aug. 2017)



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Friday, November 24, 2017 - 1:25amSanction this postReply





It might be less one hoped

              and more.

Fleshed out, timed out, all-run


Rain to soil, swell to stream,


whiffs of evers before

              our days

of open ways with form,

              with clays

handed new, fired in, for,

              our rays.                                                      (Sept. 2017)






Existence bare, most plain,

just what is thing.


Existence only, all,

whole running ball.


Existence life, out come,

out earth, out sun.


Existence mind, live see,

light you, light me.


Existence we, right thrown,

to show, know, own.                          (Nov. 2016)






Under watch, set of lock,

    beat keeps, lets deep away

    into star fields below

    the winding, binding world,

    herely, nowly unmoored.


Rose spotted serene, yet aside, unseen but by me

    in sparkling crystal-lighted crowded room,

    I seek you, hurry out the streets

    up to light rail empty far you more,

    losing our mission, our bouy in the sea.


Shored onto burning Sunday sand,

    you cross-sit seeing me

    walking to your eyes

    in deliciousness of me,

    my form you know

    you how you can you do.


Rocked ever to all days,

    we walk out our door

    to the parade of loves.


Not taken all wishes,

    chambered, full hair blond,

    winded with sheers onto satin

    bare she shines desire,

    forgone, ungrown.


For him found, our rock,

    our flowers, hours, our hands

    let now release to work, create,

    now to day break.


On round whirl round to ground,

    red drop jewel green blade,

    last sun red this last sky,

    sink under weak watch,

    loose lock, last beats,

    back to rolling boy

    in joy of grass and air

    evening over ever.                  (Jan. 2017)



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Thursday, January 25, 2018 - 5:22pmSanction this postReply

A unique style! My favorite is Shadow-Wing

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Thursday, July 9 - 3:07amSanction this postReply




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