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Help Michael Newdow To Promote Secular Government in America

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Sanctions: 5
Help Michael Newdow To Promote Secular Government in AmericaMargaret Downey sent to the Atheist Alliance International (AAI) Board of Directors the following message:

Dear Atheist,

Mike Newdow is about to make a challenge to the use of the phrase, "In God We Trust," on the coins and currency. One of the points he plans to make is that - when people challenge his stance on "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance - a standard response has been the argument that "In God We Trust" is on the money. This is often accompanied by taunts and accusations of hypocrisy with statements such as, "I see you're willing to use the money, aren't you?" or "See - it says 'In God We Trust' on the money. If you don't like it, you ought to move somewhere else."

Newdow's interested in acquiring a collection of "Declarations" from others who have experienced this type of response to their activism or to a disclosure that they are non-believers.

If that has happened to you, please kindly send a "Declaration" to Newdow in the following format. It should only be a few, short numbered statements. (Please use your own words. The following is just to serve as an example.)


I, A.B., declare as follows:

(1) I believe that the multiple and repeated governmental endorsements of God violate my constitutional rights of religious freedom.

(2) I have been active in attempting to eliminate those governmental endorsements and/or I am a proud non-believer.

(3) As a result of the above, I have been confronted by others who wish to maintain the current monotheistic endorsements.

(4) I have repeatedly heard those others use the argument that "In God We Trust" is on our coins and currency, which "proves" that my efforts are misguided or wrong. Those arguments are specifically made with a clearly religious bent, where the individual claims that there is a God, and that we are a nation under that God.

(5) Frequently, the additional claim that we are a "Christian Nation" is also simultaneously made.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of _(STATE)_ and all other states that the foregoing is true and correct.


PRINTED NAME           Executed in ____ County on [DATE].  

Please make an attempt to have your Declaration notarized. If the time and/or cost are too great, then it will work without notarization.

Please send the Declaration - signed and dated - to:

Michael Newdow
PO Box 233345
Sacramento, CA  95823

And please send a copy to the Anti-Discrimination Support Network:

c/o Margaret Downey
P. O. Box 242
Pocopson, PA  19366

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