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Tragedy and the Nanny State

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Tragedy and the Nanny StateDear Katie Marchetti Memorial Foundation:

I read with sadness about the loss of Katie Marchetti in the July-August 2006 issue of AAA Going Places.  Please accept my sympathies in this time of loss.

That said, I implore you not to turn this tragedy into a chance for expanding government paternalism and fascism.  The article states:

"On April 26, the Marchetti family took their cause to Tallahassee, along with parents and teens of five area schools.  Currently, Florida is the only state in the Southeast that does not have a primary seat belt enforcement law.  The police can only pull over someone for not wearing a seat belt if there is another infraction of traffic law.  Katie would be proud of what we are doing.  I think she has already told us that, because the morning of our trip ... a huge, beautiful rainbow appeared off the left side of our buses."

For your information, the appearance of a rainbow objectively proves nothing.  More to the point, the government has no business minding people's affairs in this way.  If people want to risk their lives by not wearing seat belts, the law should remain silent on this issue.

In the end, every person's life belongs ultimately to himself or to herself, not to others and certainly not to the State.  Our government already shows too many signs of a condescending, intrusive, paternalistic "Nanny State" mindset.  I urge you to refrain from offering encouragement via highly emotional appeals driven by tragedy.

Please reconsider this dangerous aspect of an otherwise worthwhile Web site.

Visit http://www.rebirthofreason.com for more information on the right relationship between the individual and the government.


Luther "Luke" Setzer

Added by Luke Setzer
on 6/30, 10:57am

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