Rebirth of Reason

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From the Founder and Principal:

New Free Radical!!
Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 7/11, 2:06am
The Free Radical # 67 has hit the streets. And the streets will never be the same! Never have the punters been presented with such a glowing example of KASS activism and abstract theorising being so effectively harmonised. Never in the field of human polemics has such a malignant dichotomy (theory/practice) been dealt such a mortal blow in so few pages! Just take a look at the Table of Contents:

Editorial—Lindsay Perigo
Miscellaneous Musings

Julian Pistorius/Lindsay Perigo
Julian Pistorius … Rising Star
Interview with a new light in freedom’s firmament

Robin Thomsen
Budget Day Protest
Helengrad tea party

Peter Cresswell
The Best of PC
PC’s un-PC blog

Marcus Bachler
Tony Blair: Warts And All
UK election retro

Chris Matthew Sciabarra
Ten Years After
Reflections on a timeless trilogy

Julia Brent/Lindsay Perigo
Julia Duncan Brent—Another Rising Star
Interview with a hot SOLO babe

Usual and Unusual Suspects
SOLOC 4 pics
Five days that shook Newport Beach

Usual and Unusual Suspects
SOLOC 4 testimonials
Five days that shook lives

Joseph Rowlands
All Or Nothing: Philosophy With Degrees
Joe’s SOLOC 4 presentation, demolishing rationalist myths

Tibor Machan
Liberty—My Own Universalist Journey
Tibor’s SOLOC 4 presentation, looking back

Adam Reed
Why Cloning Really Matters
Adam’s SOLOC 4 presentation, upholding science and progress

Jeff Perren
Good Things Happen, Too
Antidote to pessimism

Robin Thomsen
Happy Birthday, Lady Liberty!
Celebrating an icon

All underscoring this quotation from the aforementioned hot SOLO babe, Julia:

Have you ever heard music so intoxicating you wanted to lift your arms and fall from a great height? That rich existence and honoring of beauty has been recognized by SOLO, and held up as valid. By combining reason and passion, do the founders of SOLO realize what a powerful thing they have wrought? It is all that is highest in humans made actionable.

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