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It's Nearly Here!
Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 9/26/2004, 12:46am
Issue 64 of 'The Free Radical' will be sizzling off the presses in a few days. Veteran neo-Objectivist Nathaniel Branden is the star of this issue, interviewed by rookie Objectivist Alec Mouhibian. Dr. Branden thoughtfully & elegantly ranges over such questions as the meaning of life(!), Ronald Reagan, the war in Iraq, Israel, his difference with Ayn Rand over the role of government, the weakness of her case for individual rights, the benefits of having even a flawed world-view as opposed to no world-view, the place of moral judgment, why orthodox Objectivists are humorless, homosexuality, love & the trader principle, & other topics. "Philosophical principles," Dr. Branden admonishes, "are no substitute for thinking, yet many Objectivists act as if they were." Of adherents to one particular piece of orthodox silliness, Dr. Branden is moved to say, "My official response is that they can go fuck themselves!"

My own 1995 interview with Bernard Levin is reproduced in this issue, to mark the recent passing of this great wordsmith of liberty.

The glamorous Jennifer Iannolo makes her 'Free Radical' debut with, "Get Your Hand Off My Glass!" Intrigued? Subscribe, and satisfy your curiosity!

Joseph Rowlands, famous for his unique insights into applied Objectivism, has a provocative article re-examining the role of government in a way that certainly won't please anarchists, but may raise some Objectivist eyebrows as well. This one's a gem.

Marcus Bachler concludes his two-part tribute to a twentieth century giant in "Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady."

Assistant-editor Chris Sciabarra takes a break from dialectics, homosexuality, American foreign policy & his JARS chores with a review of Armando Cesari's biography of Mario Lanza. Replete with stunning photographs, this review coincides with the 45th anniversary of Lanza's death. It is a fitting tribute to a self-proclaimed individualist who fended off accolades that he was Caruso's successor with the words, "I am not the second Caruso. I am the first Mario Lanza."

These are just some of the irresistible features of the new 'Free Radical.' Among others - a cameo appearance by Barbara Branden on the back cover! In years to come, this will truly be a collector's item.

To subscribe to 'The Free Radical' in time for this issue, go to www.freeradical.co.nz, and hit the "subscribe" button at the bottom of the page. You won't regret signing up to a publication described by George Reisman as "a magazine of rare courage & intellect."

'The Free Radical - Politics, Economics & Life As If Freedom Mattered'!!

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