Rebirth of Reason

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From the Editor:

Infallible Way To Score Guys And/Or Chicks!
Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 10/19/2004, 2:16am
Yo lads & lasses don't ya be no sad-asses ...
Ya knows it ain't half bad
To hit da cool FreeRad
With a tad of cad
And a tad of bad
And a tad of mad
From ya cool cool head
On ya cool cool pad
To da cool cool ed
Of da cool FreeRad
Lotsa bed to be had
From da cool FreeRad ...

[From 'A Rapper's & Headbanger's Guide to Da Free Radical' by Chris Emmy Nem Sciabarra, FkD, Assistant Editor]

This is a ... er ... contemporary way of soliciting contributions to The Free Radical 65. Contributions are unpaid but invariably result in limitless nights of passion for contributors as out-of-control FreeRad groupies *hurl* themselves upon them. (I could elaborate with recent examples, but my lips are sealed.) So if you want to change your life for ever, or just want a decent bit of how's-your-father, submit to me by November 5. Submit your contributions also.

Lusciously Lurid Linz

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