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Next Free Radical & Other Stuff
Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 11/19/2004, 12:16am
Recently I fired the distributors of 'The Free Radical,' Gordon & Gotch, for ongoing, terminal incompetence. I simply got sick of receiving e-mails from folk asking where their copies were & being lied to about this when referring it G & G. I got sick of dealing with airheads who, I imagine, chewed gum & addled their already-tiny brains on headbanging caterwauling. Unfortunately, the "collateral damage" from my firing them has meant a delay in the printing of the next issue, which, all things being equal, would have happened over the next couple of weeks. For that & certain other reasons, I have decided to hold over the release of the next issue till the end of January, 2005.

Given that this is the Rand centenary issue, the new timing is, in fact, perfect. But it represents the first time in over ten years that I haven't produced the magazine on schedule, & that annoys the hell out of me.

Subscribers may be assured that this delay won't affect their subscriptions - they will still receive the same number of issues for their money. And long-term, existing & intending subscribers may be assured that their service will be entirely, rather than erratically, reliable & professional.

Additionally, 'The Free Radical' is now going to become explicitly the print-arm of SOLO. There'll be more Objectivism (especially of the applied variety) & less NZ politics, though there'll definitely still be significant lashings of politics from *many* countries.

My other message is much more short-term. I shall be away all of next week, being a breakfast session radio host across New Zealand from Auckland. I'd like to build up a goodly queue of daily articles for Joe to select from in my absence. So please, all of you of a mind to, write your butts off, & enter your contributions by clicking on "Contribute Content" on this page & "Add Article" on the next.

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