Postmodernism is Dead, Long Live Light

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Postmodernism is Dead, Long Live LightPostmodernism is Dead, Long Live Light

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Recently I have finished a few long term projects and have painted many outdoor oil sketches. One of them, the image here, I couldn't resist by titling it: Postmodernism is Dead, Long Live Light. It amused me to do so.
 Originally I was painting the dead uprooted tree because it had interesting shapes, burned out and narely. It was on the same day that Dr. Stephen Hicks and I finished up the outline for our book on Postmodern Art. And I thought how much that dead tree reminded me of postmodernism contrasted by the startling light on the fresh water. Normally I don't give a hoot about titles. Also you might note the lavish amount of thick white paint of the reflection of light on the water, done in an exaggerated deliberateness: kinda in honor of Rembrandt; kinda thumbing a gob of paint at Randís distain for painterly qualities; kinda influenced by all the thinking about Kline and Pollock that I had recently done; alotta because the light on the water was screaming at me!; and kinda because itís a lot of fun!


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