Nymphs and Satyr

Rebirth of Reason

Nymphs and SatyrNymphs and Satyr
William Bouguereau

One of my top five.

A magnificent work by one of the greatest painters of all time. Bouguereau's mastery in rendering the human figure is second to none.

Delightful contrasts abound as frolicsome nymphs drag a satyr down to the water: Effortless grace trumping futile resistance; luminous opposite dark complexion; feminine curves versus masculine robustness; foreground clarity against misted background.

A patch of sunlight bathes the nymph nearest the viewer and serves as a starting point. A downward pointing triangle outlines the foreground figures and directs the eye to where the helpless satyr will inevitably go. The topmost nymph draws the background into the theme as she calls on potential cohorts. Light and structure combine with flawlessly rendered postures to capture lithe movement on canvas. Even the foliage is drawn in exquisite detail.

The radiance of this painting is larger than life.

[Of course, I can write that this work reminds me of many a youthful summer of mine spent gallivanting the forested lakesides with wild and nubile maidens... but I won't.]

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