The 13th Labor of Hercules

Rebirth of Reason

The 13th Labor of HerculesThe 13th Labor of Hercules
Perham Wilhelm Nahl

From the QCFA website:
"QCFA is very pleased to release two limited editions (in two sizes) of Perham Nahlís prize-winning poster for the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Millions of men, women and children admired this heroic image, which appeared on the maps, book covers and catalogues of the exposition, advertised worldwide. The mythological Hercules is depicted, symbolically standing in for the builders of the Panama Canal, at the point at which they willed their way through the canalís colossal Culebra Cut. A steamship passes through below; a modern city skyline graces the horizon. Perham Nahl won many awards during his lifetime and taught art technique and anatomy for decades at the Univ. of California and at the California College for Arts and Crafts, the latter of which he co-founded."

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