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As a graduate student, I was asked "How can you identify an expert?" by the head of my department in a pathetic argument-from-intimidation. He was trying to shut me up. I was assistant-teaching a class and some of the things I taught, while true, were politically sensitive topics. I had heard of a post-grad researcher (one floor below me) getting shut-down for discovering too much politically-sensitive truth regarding the relationship between grain-intake and intestinal PH (and subsequent susceptibility to pathogenic E. coli infection) in cows.

I guess you can say that I didn't "learn my lesson" because I'm still bad-mouthing bad scientists and terrible "experts" instead of going along to get along. I'll continue such activity by posting scientific abstracts and comments (below). I invite others to join-in on this sometimes entertaining and always important enterprise (of holding eggheads accountable).

Added by Ed Thompson
on 8/14/2011, 11:52am

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