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Sharing the Good News aka Reverse Witnessing

Sanctions: 23
Sanctions: 23
Sanctions: 23
Sharing the Good News aka Reverse Witnessing
Today I was enjoying a rental DVD of The Matrix Revolutions when a knock came at my door just before noon on a Sunday. As I suspected, well-dressed Jehovah's Witnesses, mothers and young children, had come to "witness" to me and share some Watchtower literature. I excused myself from the door momentarily and returned with a handful of PROPEL™ brochures. "I have wonderful news to share with you!" I proclaimed with gusto. "There is no life after death! There is only this one life here and now! You do not have to do this! Go home! Enjoy life for your time in this world!" One of the mothers looked at me askance and clung her suited toddler boy close to her leg. The other attempted to engage me again as she tucked my brochure into her stack of papers. "But we are not here to talk to you about life after death! We just wanted to ask you ...." But I had already returned inside the house and closed and locked the door.

I had the stash of brochures in my bookcase kept for that express purpose. Purpose feels good when achieved. I highly recommend it.

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