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Scientific Laws

Scientific Laws
Scientific laws are supposed to reveal the very seams of reality, the boundary limits of what is possible. They are supposed to hold true all of the time. I want to explore them and become familiar with them. Here are the 22 entries on Laws in the index of the book: The Logical Leap, by David Harriman (p 272):

1) law of Avogadro
2) law of buoyancy
3) law of circular motion
4) law of constant composition
5) law of combining gas volumes
6) law of electrolysis
7) law of free fall
8) law of gaseous diffusion
9) law of gaseous heat conduction
10) law of gravitation
11) law of heat capacities
12) law of ideal gases
13) law of inclined plane motion
14) law of Mendeleyev
15) law of motion (first)
16) law of motion (second)
17) law of motion (third)
18) law of multiple proportions
19) law of pendulums
20) law of planetary motion
21) law of refraction
22) law of viscosity

There are certainly other laws, but you have to start somewhere. These 22 should suffice for my purposes.


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