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Gender Still Matters

Gender Still Matters
A picture is worth a thousand words:

Notice the location of the woman symbol and fist where one would normally find the testicles of the bull.

I need to learn that not every forum welcomes the kinds of critical thinking welcomed here, especially innocuous Facebook forums.

As a recent graduate of my "gifted" high school, the male organizer of this "Gender Still Matters" event posted a notice to the Facebook alumni forum encouraging us all to click the "Join" button to show our moral support for the cause, conveniently omitting the "Decline" option for those who wanted to offer no such support and say so. The day's events featured such stellar activities as "Feminist Feud" modeled after the long-running American game show "Family Feud." I naturally asked a penetrating question: "The only male representation I see in that graphic is the Durham Bull. Everything else is either human or women. If gender still matters, will there be any representatives from the men's rights movement?" He kindly explained that women still have overriding issues that need addressing much more so than men's issues.

Meanwhile, a woman in the forum wasted no time shrieking:

Am I the only one deeply disturbed by the comment 'everything else is either human or women'??? While many might like to think that we're objects, last I checked, women fell under the category of human.

My explanation for my word choice as intended to refer to the "things" -- words and symbols -- used in the graphic fell onto the deaf ears of a woman whose inner thoughts and emotional responses had apparently long ago been programmed to respond with histrionic feminist hostility and suspicion to anything said outside those narrow confines of meaning, especially from a man.

The dialogue degenerated from there and eventually we all drew the firm conclusion that an alumni forum, even one for some of the "best and brightest" students in the state who graduated from one of the "best and brightest" high schools in the nation, was not the proper forum for that kind of opinion exchange.

I surely appreciate sites like this one where we can simply express ourselves and our own reasoning rather than obey the hamster wheel the culture wants to plant into our heads running the same outworn scripts in pure reactive mode.
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