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Termination of Monthly Support for the Ayn Rand Institute

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Sanctions: 9
Termination of Monthly Support for the Ayn Rand Institute

Dear ARI:

With some regrets, I need to direct you to discontinue my monthly $10 donation to your organization.

I began supporting ARI many years ago because of your worthwhile efforts to deliver free books to teachers, host annual essay contests, and train New Intellectuals via the Objectivist Academic Center.

Unfortunately, these last few years, your leadership has shown all signs of having sold their souls for large donations from globalists to advance the globalist agenda by prostituting Objectivism, destroying the philosophy and the nation that Ayn Rand loved in the process.

There is NO WAY that the United States of America, or any other Western nation, can accept unlimited numbers of immigrants and refugees from non-Western countries, especially Muslim countries, and safely assimilate them to Western values. Yaron Brook, your principal ARI mouthpiece, has for years advanced this thesis. It completely defies reality and reason. Any honest undergraduate student of an honest course in Western Civilization I and II and World Religions will recognize this.

Islam is a vile, totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion. Both ancient and modern history corroborate this assessment. As for non-Muslims from non-Western countries, even their assimilation ability has limits, and their quantities need tight limits to avoid overwhelming finite limits of Western institutions.

Ongoing attacks from ARI notables such as the extremely well-compensated Yaron Brook on our duly elected United States President Donald Trump because of Trump's worthy efforts to secure our borders raise serious questions about the motives of your speakers. Based on a perusal of 2014 tax records filed by ARI, one can reasonably speculate on a "follow the money" thesis, namely that the bulk of your organization's donations come from multi-millionaire corporate globalists who dismiss "rational nationalism" in favor of nihilistic globalism. Assuming this is true, one can safely infer that those donations come with strings attached demanding that ARI support borderless globalization. I find this speculative development especially interesting considering how your organization has, in the past, published work supporting national self-interest and, more notably, an entire lecture by Dr. Edwin Locke on "The Psycho-Epistemology of the Arab World," described in your catalog as follows:

"The Arab psycho-epistemology, Dr. Locke shows, is characterized by the primacy of consciousness, and Arab values stress collectivism, traditionalism and fatalism. Dominating Arab thinking is the religion of Islam, which stresses blind obedience to Allah, rather than rational thought, as a guide to action. The result is the inability to live successfully on earth, and undying resentment of those who are."

Today, evidently, the ARI has taken a purely "faith-based" approach to the Arab world, assuming that "somehow" large numbers of immigrants carrying this mindset will adopt Western values through osmosis even as their numbers overwhelm current Westerners. Again, this attitude defies reality and reason. The ARI has blinded itself in a fundamental way to the detriment of the legacy of Ayn Rand, all for reasons completely opaque and, consequently, left to justifiable speculation about monetary motives supplied by nefarious globalists.

To quote Donald Trump: "YOU'RE FIRED!"

Luther "Luke" Setzer




Thanks for the feedback in your email of earlier today. We’re sorry to hear that you feel you can no longer support ARI after so many years of regular monthly support. However, as requested,  I have canceled your monthly EFT. The last transaction took place on February 6.


Should you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out and I’ll be happy to assist.

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on 2/13, 4:43am

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