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Keep Your Kids Home on Tuesday

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Keep Your Kids Home on Tuesday
I didn't want to post another article by Alexandra so soon, but this rant is too good to hold on to. 

 As a matter of principle, keep your kids home on Tuesday, despite the fact that the  worshipy, personality cult game plan for America's school kids has been changed to a more benign list of directives from that self adoring authoritarian we call "Mr. President." 




By Alexandra York

Friday: September 4, 2009

8:00AM: I woke up an hour ago with this thought:  Do not be one of Lenin's (Obama's) "useful idiots," and let your child become the first of the American "Young Pioneers."  If your children's school or classroom is airing President Obama's speech on the first day of school this year, keep your children home.  Do not help Obama and Company begin overt government intervention into the school system and direct indoctrination of your child. Note that his original speech called for lesson plans created by the administration to accompany the speech. The lesson plans, available online, recommended having students "write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president."  Help the president do what, may we ask?  Ingest and promote his agenda?  Indeed!  In response to criticism, The White House has now revised those plans to say students could "write letters to themselves about how they can achieve their short-term and long-term education goals," but note well the original plan. 

The government already directly controls our economy through the banks via the various regulatory agencies, the numerous loan programs, and the Federal Reserve and has sent up trial balloons for more control with the recent bank bailouts.  The government controls the largest company in the car industry, General Motors now being owned almost completely by government and the unions--read the latter as the proletariat--which puts into action the concept of direct control of business.  This Administration is pushing hard for mandatory National government health care, by which the government will directly control our bodies.  This Administration has openly advocated ignoring or avoiding the U.S. Constitution via Supreme Court rulings in order to activate social agendas, thereby depriving us of our legal rights and directly controlling our personal behavior.  The government is trying, especially, to nullify the Second Amendment and take away our private arms, our last physical resort of defense against tyranny.  The government is trying to regulate (further) the press, especially opposition talk shows, which eventually will lead to the destruction of the First Amendment, the last straw needed to break our brains, for if we lose free speech, we will have lost it all.
America has been creeping toward full Socialism-Fascism-Communism (call it what you will; it is all the same in practice) for many decades, but now, with Barack Hussein Obama, the Lenin of old has assumed new corporal form in this one "leader," whose end goals are the same but who wishes to shackle us peacefully, with our consent. Look the full 360 degrees around you. Things are moving very quickly; the circling noose is tightening with increasing speed.  Do not contribute your children to this clear and organized program to take away all of our freedom.  Resist!  Protest!  Keep your children home if their school is allowing this speech in any classroom.

NOON:  I have now learned from feedback and gathering news reports that some parents, school districts, and politicians here and there around the country have come to conclusions similar to mine and are concerned, some parents vowing to keep their children home from school on the day of Obama's speech.  Well, Bravo!  Certain of my colleagues have suggested that, because of this spotty but vocal public skittishness along with plunging poll approvals, Obama's anticipated Leftist-activist speech will probably be reduced to a simple "work hard to succeed" message in keeping with former presidents' speeches, without the attendant  propaganda by now expected from him at every utterance.  Nevertheless, I urge you to keep your children home as a personal protest

More importantly, beyond this one issue, I urge you to contemplate the further points offered above, for they are the fundamental ones:  Connect the dots and resist in every way possible the full Collectivist force that is coming against us on all fronts at once.  Not since WWII France has a country been as divided as ours; just look at the popular vote in the last two elections.  Using that analogy, Obama and Company represent the Vichy.  The Freedom-fighter citizens are the Resistance.  Our crises, as Rahm Emanuel likes to say, are an opportunity for unprecedented action.  Now, let the Freedom fighters reverse the "United we stand, divided we fall" phrase and say, "United under this President, we shall fall.  Divided we may stand."  

Resist!  Hold to your values!  Speak your protest!  Stick to your guns!

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