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No MarriageSince discussions about marriage arise in this and other freethought forums I lurk, I performed a Google search and stumbled across this little gem recently.


I bought and read the e-book. The author shows little kindness to American women, calling them spoiled and worse. He argues, justifiably, that a man should only marry when he expects to have children within the next few years. He argues less convincingly that American men should travel abroad to date and to marry. His ranting style, lack of quoted research and poor English reduce his credibility.

Female readers may find parts of this book offensive but can easily see how the laws and attitudes cited can turn against women as well as men.

Today's culture of multiple divorces means lawyers, courts, high fees, bitter battles over false expectations and so forth. Voluntary serial fidelity and well-written but limited contracts sound like far better alternatives.  The author does not address these options, but does provide food for thought to persons considering inviting the state into their romantic relationships.
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on 1/28/2005, 10:38am

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