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The Arrogance of the French : Why They CanDo you hate ze French?  C'est logique! 

This book explains why it's not all in your head... the nation of France is an ideological disaster.

Chesnoff -- a Jewish resident of France and longtime correspondent of US News, calls upon his years of experience with the French and his keen analytical mind to explain to us just why the French are such a disaster of a people.

From his studies, Chesnoff attributes France's corruption and immobility to their perversion of the philosophy of Rene Descarte into one that promotes the notion of logical constructions, completely independent of reality...

In other words, a total devotion to subjectivism.

Drawing upon this notion of using disembodied logic to manufacture delusional living, the French may be observed to all-too-frequently utter the phrase, "C'est logique!" as an all-encompassing justification for whim-worshipping, when almost nothing could be further from the truth.

C'est merde!
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