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Running Through The DarkShameless self promotion, but just for fun.

Last year, I wrote this for my own pleasure, truly as a form of self therapy. It was great fun, nothing else.

It is not even remotely political, although, some politics does manage to sneak into the cracks and crevices.

It is primarily a story about a young man with a positive attitude who deals with life, contrasted with a another young man with a dark attitude who deals with life in a different way. One of them is a murderer.

To prove that this isn't a (purely) mercenary posting, I am making available a free download as a .PDF at

www.sfwx.com/rttd/Running Through The Dark.pdf

(Just copy/paste into your browser; I tried to href link, but kept getting tags around the .pdf...)

for the next few weeks, with the request(not demand) that, if you read the book, your only obligation is to write an honest review of it on Amazon, whatever you think.

This is not how I make my living, I wrote this for the pleasure of writing it, so feel free to write an honest review, you won't hurt my feelings.

It is a little dark, especially the first chapter, which used to be the 5th chapter, but early reviewers all wanted more of the 'dark,' and thought it should lead off, so that determined the final version.

Men tend to like the story less than women. Not sure why, that is just an observation so far.


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