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Sanctions: 3
Statecraft: Strategies for a Changing World
Though a tiny bit outdated being published in 2002, Statecraft takes the reader through what Thatcher considers all of the world's most pressing foreign policy issues. Her examinations are broad and insights interesting and applicable to more than just any specific issue. Statecraft reads like a combination history, prophecy, and memoir, because she looks at each region or issue from the point of view of how she had to deal with it or its predecessor while in office, where it went from that point, and how she thinks it's going to go in the future and what politicians today really should be doing about it. Just as valuable to me as her analysis of foreign policy was the impression of the seriousness and attention to all the details and consequences that she treated these issues while in office. This was no arm-chair philosopher. It is sometimes easy to get too caught up in the abstract when talking about politics. Thatcher talks about causes, actions, and consequences. Also very inspiring were the anecdotes throughout, such as confrontations with Gorbechev and meetings with Reagan.
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