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Capitalism and Commerce: Conceptual Foundations of  Free Enterprise
Capitalism and Commerce provides an outstanding and accessible introduction to the best philosophical , moral, and economic arguments for capitalism. This excellent and interesting work makes a convincing case that capitalism is the only moral social system because it protects a man's mind, his primary means of survival and flourishing.Younkins thoroughly and clearly discusses the morality of capitalism by focusing on its fundamental principles.His presentation draws on and successfully integrates insights from Objectivism, Austrian economics, and the school of human flourishing initiated by Aristotle..

This well-written and concise book magisterially presents the fundamental arguments for a free society in nineteen short and crisp chapters. The author also devotes ten chapters to refuting various ideologies and criticizing  what he calls "Obstacles to a Free Society".These last chapters will undoubtedly generate a tremendous amount of discussion.

I recommend this book to any seeker of the truth. It is destined to become a free-market classic!

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on 8/10/2004, 6:21pm

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