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Death is Wrong
Death is Wrong by G. Stolyarov II

Death is Wrong is my new children’s book on indefinite life extension, illustrated by my wife Wendy Stolyarov. It combines child-friendly philosophical arguments for radically lengthening human lifespans with scientific facts about long-lived creatures, recent breakthroughs in extending animal lifespans, and the SENS research program for reve... (See the whole review)

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Eden against the Colossus
Eden against the Colossus by G. Stolyarov II

In the year 2753, after unparalleled technological and economic advancement within the Intergalactic Protectorate, reaction has set in, as a group of environmentalist mystics seeks to usurp the mechanisms of government. A scientist on the Protectorate’s outskirts discovers a planet with an entirely new sentient life form, devoid of sight of the ext... (See the whole review)

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