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Stilwell and the American Experience in China
Stilwell and the American Experience in China by Saki (aka H.H. Munro)

This biography is authored by Barbara Tuchman about General Joseph Stilwell . Published by the Macmillan Company New York , New York .It tells how the General dealt with the crises of the second world war in the orient. I found it riveting. I think it is good material for the gallery because the Generals attidude is awesome and many Objectivists wo... (See the whole review)

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The Complete Saki
The Complete Saki by Saki (aka H.H. Munro)

 Saki is a breath of fresh air. His short-stories offer a balm to anyone who treasures outstanding wit, colourful imagination and whip-smart plots – that is to say, by anyone truly alive. Imagine if PJ O’Rourke had turned his lens on Edwardian England ; or if Oscar Wilde had written hundreds of biting, acerbic stories disdaining cant, hypocr... (See the whole review)

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