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Science and Bible's time chart

Science and Bible

Let’s have a bit of laugh, by comparing the religious (Christian) with the scientific time-chart.

To avoid useless details at the age scales involved, I’ve rounded everything nicely up: In accordance with Moses, Martin Luther, Melanchton, Archbishop Usher and Dr. Lightfoot (ViceChancellor of the University of Cambridge), who dared to corroborate in 1859 what those just mentioned had said earlier, the world exists since about 6.000 years ago.

Science considers that the world (the universe and its content) exists, based on observations obtained through the Planck space telescope, since 13.8 billion years ago. As at such formidable time extensions a couple of thousand millions here or there won’t matter much, I’ve taken a total of 14 billion years to obtain the following age comparison with the 6.000 year of Christian religion’s time scale.

Thus, the “earth” (Universe) was “created” 6.000 years ago, with the planet Earth being established about 2.150 years ago. A further comparison establishes that the first evidence of life can be traced back to about 1.100 years ago. Passing over such nimieties as the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic time periods, modern human culture started to develop (but this is merely a scientific supposition, not confirmed by the Bible) about 10.000 years ago, which religiously placed the start of civilization at 1-1/2 day ago, a rather formidable feat in itself if we consider that after such a 'long' time we are still involved in warfare, religious persecutions, political assassinations and similar minimal matters.

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