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A Little Romance (1979)

Starring: Laurence Olivier, Diane Lane, Thelonious Bernard
Director: George Roy Hill
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Sanctions: 3
A Little Romance
I haven't seen this movie in about twenty years. This is a great little romance that still sticks in my mind for it's fresh optimism and great scenery. I'm a sucker for a good romance (good, mind you) and this movie is certainly that.

Here is the plot overview from IMDB:

A French boy (Daniel) and an American girl (Lauren), who goes to school in Paris, meet and begin a little romance. They befriend Julius who enchants them with his story telling. In an attempt to solidify the teens' love forever, the three journey to Venice.
The quote below, also from IMDB is very indicative of the plot.
Daniel Michon: that legend is just another one of your damn lies.
Julius: You could make it true. What are legends anyway but stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things? Of course, it takes courage and imagination... not everybody has that. I may be an old fraud Daniel, but I do know this: something that two people who are in love create together against impossible odds, can hold them together... forever.

Courage? Imagination? Ordinary people doing extraodinary things? My kind of flick!
Added by Ethan Dawe
on 10/19/2005, 6:29pm

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