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The Iron Giant (1999)

Starring: Eli Marenthal, Vin Diesel, Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Aniston
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Sanctions: 4
The Iron Giant
Simply put, this movie is brilliant heroic... every child should probably see it at least once.

The Iron Giant is an animated movie which revolves around the relationship between a courageous and thoughtful young nonconformist named Hogarth Hughes and a colossal alien robot that lands on earth, and which possesses the instinct to viciously destroy all that which seems hostile.

The importance of this film lies in how it addresses the issue of choice for all conscious creatures, and how potentially catastrophic outcomes are prevented by individuals such as Hogarth, who ultimately addresses the potential menace of the Iron Giant with heroic, nonconformist, objective logic.  Here are a few quotes from the film:

The Iron Giant: I am not a gun.

Hogarth Hughes: You are what you choose to be.

Dean McCoppin: If we don't stand up for the kooks, who will?

Hogarth Hughes: So she moved me up a grade 'cause I wasn't fitting in, so now I'm even more not fitting in. I was getting good grades, you know, like all A's. So my mom says, "You need stimulation." I said, "No, I don't. I'm stimulated enough right now."
Dean McCoppin: That's for sure.
Hogarth Hughes: So she says, "Uh-uh. You don't have a challenge. You need a challenge." So now I'm challenged, all right- I'm challenged to hold on to my lunch money because of all the big mooses who wanna pound me, 'cause they think I'm a shrimpy dork who thinks he's smarter than them! But I don't think I'm smarter, I just do the stupid homework! If everyone else JUST DID THE STUPID HOMEWORK, they could move up a grade and get pounded, too! Is there anymore coffee?

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