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Judge rules against ‘intelligent design’
Posted by George W. Cordero on 12/20, 11:23am
Reason prevailed, and the advocates of disguised religion lost a battle, when U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III ruled against an attempt by a School Board in Pennsylvania to foist so-called “Intelligent Design” theory onto science classrooms. What especially impressed me with this judge’s ruling was his willingness to be clear and direct. Judge Jones not only gets to the heart of the matter, but also pulls the mask off of the real motives of those that champion the ID nonsense.

Here are some quotes of Judge Jones:

"Intelligent design" is "a religious alternative masquerading as a scientific theory"
“We conclude that the religious nature of ID would be readily apparent to an objective observer, adult or child,"
“It is ironic that several of these individuals, who so staunchly and proudly touted their religious convictions in public, would time and again lie to cover their tracks and disguise the real purpose behind the ID Policy,"

At one point Judge Jones accurately captures the pretext and real purpose of ID advocacy, when in referring to the “real” motives of the School Board he says, “We find that the secular purposes claimed by the Board amount to a pretext for the Board’s real purpose, which was to promote religion in the public school classroom.”

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