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Casting the "Atlas" movie
Posted by Robert Bidinotto on 4/28, 12:27pm
This is derived from the news items yesterday announcing progress on the "Atlas Shrugged" movie front, but I don't quite know what category it fits.

Anyway, it's probably the favorite "game" for Objectivists of the past four decades: "Cast the Movie."

Back when we had up the active, independent Web site for The Atlas Society, in 2002 here were my casting notions. I offered several suggestions for each character. In some cases, I went for a physical type; in others, I went for an actor who I thought could handle the demands of a challenging role.

I would change a number of these now, as these actors have aged. But they give you an idea of how one long-time fan might visualize the characters.

The Main Characters

Galt -- 1. Russell Crowe. 2. Pierce Brosnan

Dagny -- 1. Tie between Julianne Moore and Ashley Judd. 3. Kristin Scott Thomas

Rearden -- 1. Harrison Ford...absolutely perfect. 2. Liam Neeson...almost perfect. 3. Ed Harris...a dark horse, but a superb actor. 4. Peter Strauss.

Francisco -- The toughest by far to cast. My nominees: 1. Adrian Paul ("The Highlander" -- read Rand's actual physical description) 2. Pierce Brosnan, 3. Javier Bardem, 4. Gabriel Byrne. Dark horses to contemplate: Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman.

Ragnar -- 1. Brad Pitt. 2. Val Kilmer.

Eddie Willers -- 1. David Morse. There's a wonderful boyish innocence about his look. 2. Dennis Quaid 3. Ed Harris, though he might be a bit overpowering in this supporting part.

Lillian -- 1. Madonna. (Come on, she'd be perfect.) 2. Sharon Stone. 3. Claire Bloom 4. Diane Lane 5. Greta Scacchi

James Taggart -- 1. Kevin Spacey. 2. Anthony Hopkins. 3. Gene Hackman 4. Jack Nicholson. 5. Edward Herrmann.

Secondary Characters

Dr. Hugh Akston -- Sean Connery, Charleton Heston [obviously not now];

Dr. Robert Stadler -- Edward Herrmann, Jonathan Pryce;

Cherryl Taggart -- Hilary Swank, Molly Ringwald;

Danagger -- Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Fred Ward, Tom Skerritt;

The Wet Nurse -- Leonardo Di Caprio, Kevin Bacon;

Midas Mulligan -- Brian Dennehy;

Wyatt -- Kurt Russell, Jeff Bridges, Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen;

Quentin Daniels -- Johnny Depp; Henry Thomas;

Mr. Thompson -- Charles Durning, Brian Dennehy, Jack Nicholson;

Orren Boyle -- Harvey Keitel, James Gandolfini, Dennis Franz;

Floyd Ferris -- Jeremy Irons, Tim Roth, Ron Silver;

Phil Larkin -- Charles Grodin, Kevin Pollak, John Ritter [obviously not now];

Phillip Rearden - John Malkovich;

Wesley Mouch -- William Atherton, Alan Alda, Beau Bridges;

Cuffy Meigs -- Steven Seagal, Woody Harrelson, Dennis Hopper;

Fred Kinnan -- Scott Glenn, Fred Ward, Robert De Niro;

Bertram Scudder -- Jon Lovitz;

Dr. Simon Pritchett -- David Suchet, Alan Rickman;

Gerald Starnes -- Steve Buscemi;

Ivy Starnes -- Bette Midler, Lily Tomlin, Roseanne Barr

Okay. Let the game begin anew....
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