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Scotland Yard Declares Putin's Act of War "Just a Murder"
Posted by Ted Keer on 12/06, 11:09pm
In the first ever open act of nuclear terrorism, with the Russian embassy to the UK and several British Airways flights now known to be contaminated with radioactive Polonium, one British citizen dead by KGB methods on British soil, and many others either targeted or unintended casualties, Scotland Yard has declared this open act of war - a violation of British sovereignty by the Kremiln - to be a "murder case." In other investigations, World War Two is officially being re-investigated as a hate crime, and World War One is to be reclassified as a pub brawl.

In light of this leftist lunatic denial, it appears that it was actually the neo-cons who really arranged and stand to benefit from this murder. If only the Democrats had won in Nov ember, none of this would have happened...
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