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Florida Mom Faces Neglect Charges After Thieves Steal Car With Baby Inside
Posted by John Armaos on 7/30, 8:39am
Florida police now regard victims as criminals. Florida mom left her infant in a running car in her driveway momentarily whilst fetching an umbrella from the house. It was raining and the mother wanted to keep her infant dry as she brought the infant into the home. Another words the mother had the safety of her child in mind and wanted to prevent the child from getting sick.

As the car was running a thief stole the car. The car was later found abandoned and the child was returned safely to the mother. The mother was a victim of grand theft auto and her child the victim of kidnapping. So what does the police do?

The state in their infinite wisdom and pursuit to punish victims for having been guilty of falling victim to a criminal's vile acts, has charged the mother with misdemeanor child neglect. Because a new Florida law has made it criminal to leave an infant unattended in a running vehicle, even if it is momentary, and even if it is in your driveway, and even if it's for the purpose of protecting your child from pneumonia.

I would like to meet these police officers and give them a word or two.

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