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Ayn Rand Society - Esthetic Value
Posted by Stephen Boydstun on 7/19/2008, 7:44am

The Eastern Division Meeting of the American Philosophical Association will be held December 27-30, 2008, in Philadelphia at the Marriott Hotel. The topic for the session of the Ayn Rand Society will be “The Objectivity of Esthetic Value,” which will pertain to material in the first four chapters of The Romantic Manifesto.

Harry Binswanger will speak on “Art and Metaphysical Values.” There will be two contributors from the wider philosophical community. One will be Mitchell S. Green from the University of Virginia. His topic will be “Rand, Art, and Metaphysical Mirroring.” The other contributor will be Bill Brewer of the University of Warwick. He will be speaking on “Objectivity and Esthetic Value.”

I have studied the work of Bill Brewer[[/A> with intense interest, and I am thrilled that he will be a participant.
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