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The End of the Bricks and Mortar Era
Posted by Luke Setzer on 11/16, 8:06am
The acceptance of online learning in traditional "bricks and mortar" universities has led the University of North Carolina (UNC) system to embrace the concept wholeheartedly.

Their decision has already shown tangible savings of nearly half a billion dollars.

But the biggest impact may be a shift from big-ticket investments in construction to constant investments in technology.

In the past, providing North Carolina's citizens ready access to a college education has meant building campuses and buildings, an expensive undertaking for a not-so-wealthy state.

In the future, ready access will rest increasingly on building relationships and connections.

I welcome this development and say:

"Bricks and mortar begone!"

The university of the future will reside in your laptop as you recline in your living room.

I had considered writing an article about this but this woman beat me to the punch!

Before someone makes snarky barks that this has nothing to do with Objectivism, kindly notice the role of the mind in this.

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