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The Truth Contest
Posted by Kyle Jacob Biodrowski on 10/12/2012, 10:03pm
There's a bit of a trend going on called "The Truth Contest".

So what is "The Truth", according to the site:

truth: being in accord with fact or reality (Bold and Italics not mine)
Reading the first few paragraphs of "The Present" section, the site seems to champion reason and rationality (ignoring the implied collectivism, among other things), but then things get a little strange, for example:

Everything will balance. (Bold not mine)
Okay, what does this mean? An example given in "The Present" section:

Good/bad: When you know the truth, you take the two sides of life, the good and bad side, and see them as one whole. You do this by understanding what the balancing force means. It means all bad times will pass and be compensated for by an equal amount of good times. It also means all good times will pass and be paid for with an equal amount of bad times. It will always balance. (Bold not mine)

We are in for an equal amount of good and bad times regardless of what we do with our lives? Yep, getting strange...

The site claims that knowledge of this balance (the balance of good times and bad times) removes negative mind made feelings since you know the bad time will eventually pass. If such a balance existed, this would make sense.

But Wait! There's more... and this is the part that gets me...

The mind starts disappearing, and true life starts appearing.
As the mind gets smaller, life gets bigger. As the mind shrinks, life expands. When the mind disappears completely, your perception of life becomes clear. Eventually you will only think when you have to, which is not very often. You will start living in the present, the eternal NOW. (Bold not mine)

I'm not sure what they mean by this. What do they mean by "mind"? If they seek truth, how are they going to discover it by thinking less, by shrinking their mind?!!!

I could go on, but I only wanted to give a brief look at "The Truth Contest". Feel free to explore further, I think I've seen enough.

Some additional notes:

This is currently "trending" among some Youtubers, and I'm sure others have heard of it. I know most of you folks like to stay abreast of current cultural phenomena, so you may find this interesting.

I'm interested to know what you folks think.

Please note, this is not a comprehensive overview of "The Truth Contest".
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