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Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 1/19, 3:15am
The so-called International Society for Individual Liberty sponsors, albeit by a somewhat circuitous route, a news service called Freedom News Daily. Before ISIL took it over, it was a fine source of information as to what was going on all over the world that was relevant to the issue of individual liberty. Much of the information is still very useful. But the service is contemptibly corrupted by its Saddamite opposition to the liberation of Iraq. As a matter of deliberate policy, each day's edition is headed by the latest casualties in the war, obfuscating the despicable fact that these Saddamites rejoice in these casualties, make excuses for their on-the-ground counterparts who are responsible for those casualties, are accessories after the fact, and think the #1 evil in the world is American foreign policy & the War on Terror. Here's the latest instance:

Freedom News Daily
Presented by the International Society for Individual Liberty

Produced by the staff of Rational Review News Digest

Freedom headline news:

1. Iraq: Eight dead in embassy, police station bombings
2. Iraq: Three election candidates killed

This organisation tries to exploit these atrocities, which it says are America's fault, not the fault of the perpetrators, to promote its own vile agenda.

This organisation should be treated as the enemy of liberty that it is. It has an historic affinity for the likes of the North American Man-Boy Love Association, and an historic Rothbardian allergy to the legitimate use of state power to pre-empt the anti-freedom agendas of foreign dictatorships. It's time this organisation was called what it is: anti-liberty & evil.

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