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It's Out!!
Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 1/27, 9:53pm
After all the hoopla, it's finally here. The Rand Centenary edition of The Free Radical. Of what I'm about to say, you might be tempted to think, "Well, he would say that, wouldn't he?!" And it's true—I would, because it's true: this issue, more than most, is a stunner. Where else will you find Barbara Branden's reminiscences, twenty years on from the explosive publication of her definitive Rand biography? Prof. Fred Seddon, too, has some personal recollections of Rand in the flesh. Prof. Tibor Machan exhorts Objectivists to get on with the business of promoting Rand's wonderful philosophy, heedless of internecine distractions. James Kilbourne & Jennifer Iannolo write movingly of the way in which Rand has affected their lives for the better. Prof. Ed Younkins, Cam Pritchard & yours truly provide glowing overviews of Rand, the revolutionary thinker.

And that's just the first half of this edition! Included in the second half is Chris Sciabarra's heartfelt tribute to Hollywood legend, Miklos Rosza. Marcus Bachler pays equally heartfelt tribute to another genius, both artistic & scientific—Leonardo da Vinci. The late Charles Tomlinson, who died as this issue was at the printers, writes on "How Private Ownership Saved the Southern Forest." And there's much, much more!

Folks, this issue will show incontrovertibly that The Free Radical is indeed what it has sometimes been described as: "the best libertarian/Objectivist publication in the world." But it remains the world's best-kept secret also. Here's where you come in. If you haven't already subscribed, do so now—& spread the word!! Tepid Hayekian limp-rags (beginning with 'R'), empiricist messes (beginning with 'L') & weasel-worded respectability-sheets (beginning with 'N') must not be seen as the only options. Because they're not. The Free Radical is here ... & it kicks ass!

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