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Crucial New Ideas That Are Not Hers
Posted by Teresa Summerlee Isanhart on 5/16, 1:58pm

Persuasive writing by Robert Tracinski (he has that reputation with me:) 



 "Outside of a very narrow circle of movement insiders, the “Objectivist” label doesn’t carry any particular authority. And it shouldn’t. Just calling yourself an Objectivist and declaring your agreement with a set list of ideas does not confer on you any kind of special status. Of course, some people have more knowledge, more expertise, a better understanding of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and a better track record of extending it or applying it. But what they have is not “authority”; it’s a reputation. And it’s not Ayn Rand’s reputation; it’s their own reputation.

Which is exactly how we get beyond this whole argument. We need an intellectual movement that is built, not on a fight over Ayn Rand’s authority, but on the individual reputations of living intellectuals, based on their own current work."

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