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New Book: The Passion of Ayn Rand's Critics
Posted by Jason Dixon on 2/08, 11:47am
I have the enormous DIS-pleasure of posting this news item.  I wrestled with myself on whether or not to even comment on it, but since this will fly through the Objectivist community it might as well be mentioned here. 

In reading the synopsis of the book I can't help but remember Barbara Branden's comments in "The Passion of Ayn Rand" describing Rand's endless "psychological papers" written after the split -- those desperate attempts to rationalize what had happened and demonize Nathaniel Branden in her own mind.

These empitomes of rationalization should be a moment of embarassement for ARI, not something to be published and enshrined as "showcasing her epochal mind at work resolving complex questions of personal life." I have to admit to feeling one primary emotion when I received the notice about this book: disgust.  This just doesn't seem to be an honest attempt to answer Rand's critics - but rather to erect a cement wall (moat included) around ARI.  Or of ripping the Rand/Branden rift-wound wide open again with a rusty knife.

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