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UW-La Crosse Student ‘Very Upset’ by ‘Cis Power’ Mural of Harry Potter’s Neville Longbottom
Posted by Luke Setzer on 9/27, 8:21am

The last name of the assistant director of "campus climate" sounds suspicious enough to warrant bold letters and a link to her campus profile.


In the case of the Harry Potter complaint, the student asked not to be contacted, so the bias response team simply noted the comments. But any time a student is open to a conversation, a staffer will reach out and listen, says Amanda Goodenough, a member of the UW-La Crosse Hate Response Team and the assistant director of “campus climate”. They always follow up, even if a student’s complaint is outrageous or likely satirical.


“Maybe 1,000 people could look at it and say it’s fake, they’re trying to be funny, but I always try to reach out,” Goodenough says. “Maybe it would be an opportunity to have a conversation. That’s what we need more of.”


If Ayn Rand made this the name of a character in a novel, people would accuse her of being a hack!

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