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Posted by Lindsay Perigo on 8/04/2004, 2:58am
Boys & Girls

I'm happy to be able to announce that, because of a surfeit of excellent material, I shall for the next little while be posting two articles a day, twelve hours apart. Aside from anything else, I'm conscious that if I *don't* do this, I shall frustrate some extremely deserving authors who have every right to hope that their splendid contributions will be posted expeditiously! The posting of Adam Reed's article tonight begins this process.

Now, I want to titillate you all with something that I stress is, for the moment at least, hypothetical. Let's say - hypothetically - that SOLO was able to establish five full-time, paid staff positions, whose remuneration would be by no means shabby, & requiring no geographical relocation. Who among you would like to do what, & why do you think you would be good at it? Answers please to me at editor@freeradical.co.nz (Did I mention that this is all, for the moment, hypothetical?)

I should say that one position we absolutely want to fill, on a volunteer basis *right now*, is that of Whore-In-Residence - someone willing to strut SOLO's stuff shamelessly, all over everywhere. At the moment, the closest thing we have to this is Her Royal Whoreness Dr Diabolical Dialectical, but - typical academic! - he tends to confine his whoring to those occasions where his own articles are involved. Damn!

Finally, closure - at least as far as I'm concerned - on the Stolyarov matter. It bears repeating - as several sensible contributors to the debate have noted, notwithstanding the huffings & puffings of several *silly* contributors - that no one has been excommunicated, ostracised, banned, damned to hell or whatever. As SOLO's founder - & with the wholehearted support of SOLO's Executive Director - I drew a line in the sand between SOLO & Stolyarov. I made it clear, since there were those to whom it was *not* clear, that Stolyarov is most emphatically neither stylistically nor substantively one of SOLO's "Band of Brothers," as one contributor rather nicely described us. It seems to be a surprise to some that as SOLO's founder I am entirely within my rights to do that. A couple of *very* silly posters even likened my stance to Stalinism. That low smear has rightly been identified for what it is, even by posters with some sympathy for Mr Stolyarov in this debate.

Some wondered why I felt it necessary to make any of this public. Two reasons: 1) Had I responded only privately to Stolyarov's offer to tout SOLO products on his site, given that my response was to reject the offer, I suspected strongly that Stolyarov would have made my response public in any event. He already had displayed a penchant for disclosing my private e-mails to him, without my permission, to the world-at-large, in regard to a message I had sent him praising one of his articles; 2) This matter was coming to a head anyway. Several SOLOists were already on my case as to what I proposed to do to make it clear to unsuspecting visitors to SOLOHQ that Stolyarov did *not* represent us. And I was already on my own case about it. Stolyarov's offer simply forced the issue.

I add only that everything that has been said in this debate, especially by the man himself, has reinforced the views I expressed in "SOLO & Stolyarov." So my position remains that I shall continue to publish his SOLO-compatible articles (& not publish those that are not) as long as he wants me to, with an appropriate caveat attached, & he remains free to post here on all threads as he always has. It didn't escape my attention that he endeavoured to insult me into banning him, but I shall not oblige him. As I have said on previous occasions, in 25 years of public life I have been insulted by experts, & Mr Stolyarov will have to do far better if he wishes to provoke me to that extent. I would simply ask of Mr Stolyarov that he show *some* deference to his hosts, & that he realise that he is the only one here who thinks he is an incarnation of Howard Roark who will have "Stolyarovian" disciples for the remainder of human history. (Did I use the word "vainglorious" in my original post?!)


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