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U.S. Hotel Tycoon Reaches for the Stars
Posted by G. Stolyarov II on 8/08/2004, 6:45pm
Hotel Tycoon Robert Bigelow is devoting $500 million of his fortune to the creation of commercial hotels in space! His effort is already five years in progress, and the first launches by Bigelow Aerospace could occur as early as the fall of next year.

"Bigelow says he wants to put the United States back at the forefront of space technology, and to make it possible for "Joe Six-Pack" to vacation in space."

Mr. Bigelow is a wise man who recognizes the immense efficiency of private enterprise, and the hazards of involving sluggish bureaucracy in the project. He acknowledges that public funding for his project would imply strings attached, and thus adamantly rejects it.

"It's substantially important to use private money," he said of space development. "You can't do it on time or on budget on government money."

Moreover, he criticizes the timidity of the government space program as inimical to progress and the spirit of exploration.

"NASA is so risk-averse," he told Reuters. "That's insane for exploration. Zero risk means zero accomplishment."

The momentum of private space exploration is only beginning to accumulate, yet already there is no question, even in "mainstream" circles, as to the feasibility of private space development, and its ultimate desirability. The stagnated (and indeed, retrogressing) government space program has been shown for the unsustainable behemoth it is, and leaner, more dynamic, and more purposeful forces in this field can no longer be opposed with any pretense at justification.

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