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New Fall 2005 Journal of Ayn Rand Studies
Posted by sciabarra on 9/13, 7:04am
Today, the Fall 2005 issue of The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies has been published.  It begins our seventh volume, our seventh year.
Here is the Table of Contents (which includes a number of contributors who have also written for SOLO HQ and Free Radical):
The Rand Transcript, Revisited (PDF available at that link) - Chris Matthew Sciabarra
Mimesis and Expression in Ayn Randís Theory of Art - Kirsti Minsaas
Langer and Camus:  Unexpected Post-Kantian Affinities with Randís Aesthetics - Roger E. Bissell
The Facts of Reality:  Logic and History in Objectivist Debates about Government - Nicholas Dykes
Ayn Rand versus Adam Smith - Robert White
Feser on Nozick - Peter Jaworski
Kant on Faith - Fred Seddon
Seddon on Rand - Kevin Hill
Reference and Necessity: A Rand-Kripke Synthesis - Roderick T. Long
Reply to Ari Armstrong:  How to Be a Perceptual Realist - Michael Huemer
Rejoinder to Michael Huemer: Direct Realism and Causation - Ari Armstrong
Check out the abstracts for this issue and the contributor biographies.  Subscription forms available here.
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